International Protea conference 2015

In August 2015 the XII International Protea Research Symposium and XVII International Protea Association Conference was held in Perth.  This was combined with the International symposium on New Ornamental crops. The conference was well attended with approximately 100 delegates from va

Proteas-Product handling protocols

Product handling protocols for genus Protea Harvesting stage should be Soft tip for both air freight and sea freight picked flowers.  Open flowers can be picked for air freight. Harvesting time can be any time of the day with varieties that are not prone to leaf blackening.  The varie
Opportunities in Russia for South African Cutflowers

Opportunities in Russia for South African Cutflowers

In a recent market research survey carried out in July/August 2013 the following key findings about the Russian Cutflower market were identified.  These findings should be used to develop a promotional campaign for the South African Cutflowers, particularly Proteaceae. All year round